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The very core of our business is quality restoration.
Bare metal to new metal we have completed a full range of restorations on campers and beetles.
Whether you want a full restoration to show standard or you want to restore for hire, as a
commercial business vehicle or simply for your own pleasure we can advise and guide you through the
options.Of course we always record the steps we take and will let you have the photos of the journey for
your records.

Welding & Fabrication

Bulkhead removal for captains chairs or flip seat, chassis notching plus strengthening and a 7ft sunroof are just some examples of our extensive fabrication portfolio.
With modern digital welding equipment, we can complete all work in house and are always up for a challenge.

Panel Fitment

Maintaining your VW panel by panel as required can be a cost effective option . We have a wide range of suppliers and will source the correct panel of the right quality to ensure an accurate fit.
Once welded, our paintwork colour matching and blending keeps your VW shiny on the outside whilst our standard under body protection makes for a lasting repair.

Phased Restoration

Undertaking a full restoration in one sitting isn’t for everyone, completing your vehicle in sections over the years as a ‘rolling resto’ not only helps spread the cost, but also keeps your vehicle more accessible.
We have many customers working around their bodywork section by section, with an aim to complete their restoration in years 3, 4 or 5.

Full Restoration

Not for the faint hearted. Our full restoration is just that, bare metalled and built as well and often better than it left the factory.
With consultation at every stage, this is a bespoke project managed service
Whether it’s rock stock or custom, use our experience to help complete your vision.

M.O.T Welding

From the smallest sill repair to outriggers and jacking points,  we will safely keep you on the road.

Media Blasting & Powdercoating

From a complete vehicle to a set of wheels we always use the right media to blast clean without damage. For lasting protection we can also powder coat any parts in a choice of colours and finishes.

Body Protection

Due to the British climate and salty roads, protecting the chassis cavities, door cavities and underside is an important part of protecting your investment.
Although not to be used as a band aid for rot where panel replacement is the solution, correct preparation and application of body protection fluid is extremely effective at delaying ongoing corrosion.
“A big thank you from Vanessa and me for all the work you put into getting my bug ready for our big day, Your efforts are very much appreciated.”
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"Compared to many we'd seen, we were really impressed with the combination of understated style and obvious quality of workmanship"
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"Thanks to Absolute VW, their restoration of the bus was obsessive and meticulous, the finished camper is outstanding"
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"Falmouth and back with no issues"
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"Just wanted to say thanks for what you guys did to my van so far... Having lived in it reinforces the quality of work"
"European bug in and back, it ran like a dream"
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"With thanks to Absolute VW, the stance is just perfect and it just hugs the road"
"Thanks so much,never anticipated a magazine feature in my wildest dreams"
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"Been away in Bruce for a week, done about 900 miles. Absolutely no bother"
"The Barefoot bay gets star treatment."
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