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Your Volkswagen Modification options are bound solely by your imagination.  Contemporary transporters offer ample opportunities for personalisation, allowing you to integrate additional features that align with your lifestyle requirements.  Among the enhancements we’ve facilitated are color-matched facelift bumpers and splitters, coil-over and air-ride suspension systems, performance brakes, sidebars, awning rails, bike racks, and a multitude of other upgrades.

Beetles & Type 3’s – From narrow beams and dropped spindles to adjustable spring plates. Should you have a clear vision of the desired look and ride quality, rest assured that we provide top-tier products and expert fitting services to fulfill your requirements.

Splitscreens & Baywindows – Striking a balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality in your van can present a challenge. However, by sharing your preferences and intended usage with us, we can offer tailored solutions that align with your vision. Drawing upon our extensive portfolio of previous lowerings, we can present you with a variety of examples to assist in selecting options that best complement your lifestyle.

T5 & T6 Transporter – From H&R, V-Maxx, or Bilstein coilovers to HP Drive-tech bags equipped with AccuAir air management systems, our expertise spans a wide range of suspension solutions. We have extensive experience in advising, supplying, and fitting these components to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

While the original brakes may suffice in theory, contemporary driving conditions and upgraded engine performance often necessitate enhanced braking capabilities. Disc brake upgrades from reputable brands such as CSP, Willwood, Forge, and Brembo significantly improve stopping power. Leveraging our expertise, we have successfully installed these upgrades and can assist you in selecting the optimal solution for your Volkswagen.

Addressing the commonly overlooked issue of meandering steering, we offer solutions such as Creative or Red 9 steering racks, or rebuilt steering boxes, to enhance steering stability and safety. Additionally, integration of electric power steering systems from Lite-Steer can transform the driving experience of your classic VW, imparting modern car-like handling characteristics

To accommodate your creature comforts and modern lifestyle requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of power supply solutions.  Whether you require split charge installations and leisure batteries to meet your 12V short stay needs or seek 240V electric hook-ups for extended campsite stays, we tailor our services to ensure your utmost convenience.

Prevention outweighs remedy.  Within the engine bay, loose wiring and leaking fuel lines represent common hazards that may precipitate an uncontrollable engine fire, rendering standard handheld fire extinguishers inadequate.  Safeguarding your vehicle against engine bay fires with an automatic extinguisher system preserves invaluable minutes, ensuring the safety of you and your passengers while safeguarding your investment.

We have previously installed various system options from reputable manufacturers such as Fireboy-Xintex, Daus, and Firetec.  Regardless of the system you select, our expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate it into your vehicle, providing you with enhanced peace of mind as you drive.

Combining a classic aesthetic with contemporary audio capabilities, retro sound stereos or powered amplifiers with iPhone inputs are favoured options among our clientele.  Furthermore, for enhanced safety and convenience, we offer systems equipped with voice-activated dialing and media streaming, allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel while accessing entertainment features.

To augment your audiovisual leisure experience, consider complementing your system with a TV installation and LED lighting customised to your preferences.

Frequently disregarded and occasionally improperly installed, soundproofing and insulation in leisure vehicles play a crucial role in enhancing comfort and ensuring warmth during camping expeditions.  Professional installation of soundproofing materials can contribute to a quieter, more serene journey.

Whether your priority is warmth, eliminating rattling noises, or optimising stereo sound quality, we collaborate with a renowned market leader in this domain to craft tailored packages that cater to your specific requirements.

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