Understanding how to get your vehicle working at manufacturers standards is paramount.  During your initial visit to Absolute VW, we conduct a comprehensive appraisal of your vehicle, typically followed by a full servicing.  We also offer guidance on any additional works that may be necessary.  Upon completion, your engine bay is restored to match or even exceed manufacturing original standards, perhaps enhanced with modern features such as 100% ethanol-resistant fuel hose.

Subsequently, like many of our esteemed customers, you can transition to a basic annual servicing regimen to maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle.

While our primary focus lies in Vintage Volkswagen vehicles, we also cater to numerous customers seeking the same level of care and attention for their modern Volkswagens.  From servicing to stamping and resetting, we ensure a thorough approach to meet your needs.

New to Absolute VW in 2024, we’re pleased to offer MOT tests among our comprehensive range of automotive services.  When it comes to MOT, trust a specialist who knows precisely what to look for.  With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, our technicians will ensure every aspect of your vehicle is thoroughly examined for compliance and safety. In the event of a failed test, we undertake any required work and offer a complimentary re-test.  Your only task is to collect your vehicle upon its successful passage.

From diagnosing a simple earth fault to providing comprehensive modern diagnostic reports, our services cover a wide spectrum of electrical issues. Additionally, we maintain relationships with diverse suppliers to procure brand-new complete wiring looms as needed.

Volkswagen Servicing Maintenance MOT Volkswagen Servicing Maintenance MOT Volkswagen Servicing Maintenance MOT