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Pre-purchase INSPECTIONS & valuations

Ease the concerns associated with purchasing your used, new, or dream VW by leveraging our expertise.  We offer complimentary email consultations for upcoming purchases, although our in-house full appraisals conducted on ramps remain unparalleled.  Identifying any pre-existing faults before purchase can prevent potential pitfalls or, optimally, facilitate negotiation of the purchase price to account for necessary remedial work.

Whether newly acquired or new to our service, a comprehensive appraisal conducted on ramps coupled with an advisory list allows us to familiarise ourselves with your Volkswagen. Subsequently, we collaborate with you to prioritise and plan future maintenance and enhancements.

It is remarkable how many classic vehicles are underinsured.  Agreed valuations, offered by most insurers, are imperative to safeguard your investment in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  We offer comprehensive inspections and valuation services to furnish you with the necessary documentation for your insurance provider.
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Pre-Purchase Inspections & Valuations